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1.CENTRE S.O.S. is an association.




The current project is to allow to combine health and sport in the same care in a holistic way.

This association makes it possible to combine health and sport with the Seitai spirit under one roof, in the mountains, by the lake and in the plain.


The association develops into a holistic health and sports center which has for will and purpose

  • Promote

  • Prevent

  • Coaching

  • Teaching

  • Training

  • The intervention

With all types of population and customers


Association pursues the following goals:

  • health

  • sport (like a sports club)

  • solidarity and camaraderie between its members


"Health" is used to indicate any means or intervention intended to influence health favorably (eg: diet, manual therapy, therapeutic education, etc.)


"Sport" is used to indicate all suitable physical activity, sport physical activity, performance physical activity and any means or intervention intended to influence health favorably and by promoting physical activity. (e.g. board sports, martial arts, Nordic walking, etc.)


In summary: The aim of the association is to promote, prevent, supervise, teach, train, intervene in the fields of health, sport (as a sports club) and solidarity and l spirit of camaraderie between its members.


"Awareness of your health through movement", to become an actor of your health.




1.CENTRE.S.O.S are admitted to ladies and gentlemen, according to the classes of the members.


Type of members

  • Member passif 

  • Member donateur

  • Member libre 

  • Member journalier 

  • Member annuel 

  • Member junior 

  • Member senior 

  • Member vétéran

  • Member famille 

  • Member groupe

  • Member organisme /fondation /école/ entreprise 

  • Member partenaire/d’autre association



Those who wish to become a member or have more information do not hesitate to contact 1.CENTRE.S.O.S

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