Health therapy sessions



Acupuncture/ Traditional Chinese medicine


Cranio sacral therapy/ Ostéopathy


Session by appointment schedule: 9h-12h/ 2h-6h pm

In-house session schedule: 9h-12h/ 2h-6h pm

Emergency session, no appointment 24hrs before and off, schedule: 9h-12h/2h-6h pm

In-house session, on emergency: no appointment 24hrs before and off schedule: 9h-12h/ 2h-6h pm

Advice/ complementary information (off session) by phone, mail, in office


Invoice reminder/ week late



Type of massages at your choice: sports or relaxing or lymphatic or Thai


Office session of 20 minutes

Office session of 45 minutes

Office session of 60 minutes

Office session of 75 minutes

Office session of 90 minutes

Office session of 120 minutes


In-house/ hotel session of 60 minutes

In-house/ hotel session of 75 minutes

in-house/ hotel session of 90 minutes

in-house/ hotel session of 120 minutes



Physiotherapy Agreement Rate


Complex physiotherapy

Lymphatic drainage

Electro/ Thermotherapy

Group treatment

Muscle reinforcement (MTT)

1st treatment Suppl. (anamnesis, tests, etc)

chronically handicapped children Suppl.

Travel/ time expense Suppl.



Sports Training

Winter snow sports coaching 

(Ski or snowboard or telemark or cross country) and snowshoe


Ask us for an offer according to your taste.


Coaching hour 

(for 1 person maximum 4 persons)


Half a day 3 hrs

(morning from 9:00 to 12:00 ou afternoon, with a maximum of 4 people)


For the day -  *6 hrs 

(from 9:00 to 3:00 pm ou from 10:00 to 4:00 pm, maximum 4 people)


For a plus day -  *8 hrs

(from 8:00 to 5:00pm or from 9:00 to 6:00 pm including transport time,

with a maximum of 4 people)

Go look at the hotel

Plus calculate the vehicle transportation if needed


Transport départure adress : rue centrale 107, 1884 Villars/Ollon, Suisse


Add 40 chf at the price displayed for 5 - 6 people

Additional person for group of +6 people ( maximum 7 persons/group)



Excerpt from our general conditions:

*Breakfast break included (the meal is covered care by the member/ customer)

Reservation dates are guaranteed only upon payment receipt

Ski-lifts packages, equipment rental and meals are not included in the price



  • Collective Performance during week-ends 2 hrs

(2 persons min. up to 8 people max)


  • Collective Initiation/ discovery during week-ends 3 hrs

(from 3 pers. min up to 8 people max.)



Sports and Health Training


  • 1 hour indoor session

  • 1 hour outdoor session

  • Full training Program

  • Cardiovascular rehabilitation Program

  • Rehabilitation Program


Membership fee of the association


Daily membership fee


  • Individual daily membership fee

  • Family/ group daily membership fee

  • Organization/foundation/school/business daily membership fee


Annual fee

  • Passive Junior member annual fee 

  • Senior meber passive annual fee

  • Veteran member annual fee

  • Family member (4 pers. Max) annual fee

  • Annual donor member


Option annual contributions


  • For the annual member option A; Sport of skiing- in winter

  • For the annual member option B: Physical preparation- in autumn



For the telemark equipment is available for members

Contact us for more information on the rental.

Regulation of the association

Member registration form


Event Disclaimer Form


Telemark equipment


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